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Exchange Location - Change to your location

What did you enjoy most about your exchange ?

In between each question (here) just type in your answers (you can be as long or short as you like) and you can use any formatting you want (using the above format bar)

Template Question 2 ?

Template Question 3 ?

Template Question 4 ?

Template Question 5 ?

Any external webpages on places or locations you would recommend ?

describe link - type links like this example - remove this one when finished

Type in a Short description of changes for example : added experience from France draft 001
Delete all the help text - like this line and Click Save - Do not worry if anything looks wrong just click edit and you can fix it.

Once your page is complete please tag it with the following keywords, the city and the country your exchange was in. This is done via the tags button at the bottom of the page, this will ensure your contribution is visible.

We would really like you to use the template provided and after that if you are feeling ambitious you can also find out how to add images and video as well.
Adding Photos and Video

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