Turku University of Applied Science

Turku is home to about 35,000 higher education students. The university you will be visiting is the Turku University of Applied Sciences (www.turkuamk.fi), which is the second largest polytechnic in Finland after the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.

Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS) is an internationally oriented multidisciplinary institution of higher education. The Arts Academy at Turku University of Applied Sciences (http://www.turkuamk.fi/public/default.aspx?nodeid=7619) offers 4 degree programmes which include both Fine Art and Media Arts.

TUAS has several brochures available which give detailed information about the University itself, general information about Turku and Finland as well as useful information for overseas students. Please click on the links to download these brochures.

* Unlimited Opportunities at Turku University of Applied Sciences Brochure
* TUAS General Guide 2008-09
* TUAS International Student Guide 2007-2009
* PowerPoint Presentation

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