Brno University of Technology

The university you will be visiting is the Brno University of Technology (BUT), which is the only university in the Czech Republic that covers the whole spectrum of technical disciplines. The BUT is made up of 9 Faculty’s, one of which is the Faculty of Fine Arts which you will be visiting. The school itself is housed in two buildings; the main building is located at Rybářská Street, close to Brno Exhibition Grounds. The Faculty’s Art Gallery is located in the building at Údolní Street, right in the city centre.

Students at the Faculty of Fine Arts (FFA) can select from 16 ateliers (studios) that cover seven fields of study (painting, sculpture, graphics, graphic design, industrial design, conceptual trends, video-multimedia-performance). Any student (full-time or exchange student, Czech-speaking or English-speaking) joins one atelier and does most of his work and study in the course called “Atelier”.

All the courses are taught in Czech. English-speaking exchange student will join an atelier (studio) and work on a project led by the head of the atelier. Most of the head teachers (or their assistants) speak English and the way of teaching is based on individual tuition and consultations. This work qualifies as attending the course “Atelier”.


Faculty of Fine Arts

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